IQ2DB EME activity

IQ2DB is the callsign of ARI Como used by the A. Volta EME Team Como for EME activity on 1296 MHz.

IQ2DB EME Layout

The station is active since October 10, 2021 with the following setup:
– 3 Meter diameter mesh dish, AZ-EL BIG-RAS HR rotator and Septum Feed (OK1..)
– RX: LNA G4DDK (0,28 dB NF, 30dB Gain) on the Septum Feed RX Connector, 15m of Hyperflex 10, Kuhne MKU 13G4 (1296-28MHz) Transverter, Flex Radio 6400
– TX: Flex Radio 6400, Kuhne MKU 13G4 (28-1296MHz) Transverter, RF amplifier (20W), 15m Hyperflex 10, Final Amplifier Kuhne MKU PA 23CM – 1000W CU, 4m 7/8″ coax to the Septum Feed TX connector.

DateQSOInitDXCCUS statesVE provZonesGrid
Oct 10, 20210000000
Dec 31, 20213401554116220154