Attività EME: IQ2DB

IQ2DB is the callsign of ARI Como used by the A. Volta EME Team Como for EME activity on 1296 MHz.

IQ2DB EME Layout

IQ2DB is active on 23cm EME since October 10, 2021 with the following setup:
– 3 Meter diameter mesh dish, AZ-EL BIG-RAS HR rotator and Septum Feed (OK1..)
– RX: LNA G4DDK (0,28 dB NF, 30dB Gain) on the Septum Feed RX Connector, 15m of Hyperflex 10, Kuhne MKU 13G4 (1296-28MHz) Transverter, Flex Radio 6400
– TX: Flex Radio 6400, Kuhne MKU 13G4 (28-1296MHz) Transverter, RF amplifier (80W), 15m Hyperflex 10, Final Amplifier Kuhne MKU PA 23CM – 1000W CU, 4m 7/8″ coax to the Septum Feed TX connector.


December 2021: IQ2DB 2nd Worldwide in the ARRL EME Contest, 23cm Multiop
April 2022: IQ2DB 1st Worldwide in the ARI EME Spring contest, 23cm, MIX
September 2022: IQ2DB partecipation to the ARI EME Fall contest, 23cm, MIX, 67 QSO, 12 Mult.
Octorber 2022: IQ2DB sum up 101 QSO in the first leg of the ARRL EME Contest, operating as MultiOp 1296 MHz.
November 2022: ARRL EME 23cm Multiop total declared 783.000 points. 146 QSO, 118 Q65 and 27 CW, 33 DXCC, 17 WAS and 4 VE.
December 2022: Troposcatter and airscatter FlashMob Activity with several interesting QSO, including F6HTJ (606 km) and IC8TEM (714 km).
January 2023: QRX for installation of the RF Choke on the Septum Feed.
February 2023: We are still working with the original Septum Feed without any choke, It looks like the fine tuning of the Choke is quite critical and require some mechanical change to the legs supporting the Septum feed. In the meantime we added PJ2T and EA8DBM to our DXCC (#51 and #52) as well as US State #46 (KA6U from Alabama. Still missing: Kentucky, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming.
March 2023: Thanks to Peter, KA6U, we have now worked Kentucky. Still 3 US States to the WAS!
April 2023: Thanks again to Peter, KA6U, we reached 50 US States for a 23cm WAS
May 2023: low activity this month, although we added two new Countries (S5 and YB) for a DXCC total of 54
June 2023: 3 new countries added: OJ0EME, YU1SAN and 9H1BT
July 2023: DXCC #58 with EA6VQ, via Tropo (850 km)
Aug 2023: Added CT8/W6PQL as DXCC #59 and received WAS 1296MHz Award #25

Few members of the A.Volta EME Team at the ARI EME 2023 meeting in Pietrasanta First place in the ARI EME April and September 2022 contest and First place in the ARI EME 2022 trophy.
L to R: Alberto I2DGH, Alessandro I2SVA, Angelo I2ADN, Guido I2GUJ, Mauro IK2XRL
DateQSOInitDXCCUS statesVE provZonesGrid
Oct 10, 20210000000
Dec 31, 20213401554116220122
Jan 31, 20224621694218320135
Feb 28, 20225551804320320142
March 31, 20226611934620322151
April 30, 20228232094625422161
May 30,
June 30, 20228892204827423174
July 31,
Aug 31, 202210442304840423188
Sep 30, 202211822394940423193
Oct 31, 202213252505040423199
Nov 30, 202214382635045423211
Dec 31, 202214932645045423220
Jan 31, 202315082645045423221
Feb 28, 202315612685246425224
March 31, 202316412735247426230
Apr 30, 202317522785250426234
May 31, 202317782835450427239
June 30, 202318312905750/WAS427242
July 30,202318592935850/WAS427243
Aug 30, 2023191629859WAS#25427245