ARI Como and the founding members

During the 2018 ARI Como year end dinner the idea of restart the project of the “23 cm Moon station” of Mario and Emilio Baserga is discussed for the first time. Left to right: Angelo (I2ADN), Tony, I2FUM, Germana, Sandro (I2SVA), Gianni (I2TZG), Alberto (I2DGH), Umberto (I2UNE) and Oscar (IK2AQZ).

A pre-covid meeting at ARI Como

During 2019 the team, (from left to right in the photo) Angelo (I2ADN), Sandro (I2SVA), Oscar (IK2AQZ), Umberto (I2UNE) and Alberto (I2DGH) after careful considerations and discussions with the shareholders at ARI Como, decided to seriously start the project for the construction of a fully automated remote E.M.E. ham radio station in line with the new digital technologies.
Angelo I2ADN
Licensed since 1952, when young I mainly focused on HF like almost everyone. Then I moved to VHF and UHF always on portable operations in the 70s and early 90s from JN45nt and especially from JN44sn (monte Maggiorasca). Once obtained the operating license for the 6-meter band, I dedicated myself to the “magic band” by activating almost all the most difficult Italian squares and most of the smaller Italian islands. In 2001 I was one of the member of the JW0 dx-pedition to Svalbard islands.
Alberto I2DGH
Licenced ham radio operator since 1971 has been active for a decade on HF/VHF with dominant interest in designing and building his radio systems. After a 30 year break, once retired from active work, the former passion is back with new lab equipments in line with the technology evolution.    
Oscar IK2AQZ
Alessandro I2SVA
Licensed since 1972, passionate about HF, VHF and microwave. 350 countries but never applied for the DXCC. Among the first to do EME on 2 meters in the team of I2MBC at the end of the 70s (first QSO I-JA). First Italian in the WWDX CW in 1990 and second Italian in the same year in the WWDX SSB; first Italian in WWDX RTTY in 1992. Seventh place Worldwide in 2014 144 MHz EME championship as IQ2DB. In 2016 start EME activity in 23 cm always in the I2MBC team. More than 500 EME QSOs and 99 countries in 2 meters with 2×17 elements from JN45nt. Active from 1.8 MHz to 10 GHz, tropo, MS, EME, SAT, etc …
Umberto I2UNE