May 2019 – Disassembling the 1 Ton tower with 4×17 element yogi antennas for 2 meters at I2MBC station

May 2019: Disassembling and removing the stainless steel 4.5 meter antenna from I2MBC roof

September 2020: the promoters team discusses and approves the executive project.

January 2021: testing the RF power amplifier.

February 2021: check of the new antenna parts upon their arrival from the manufacturer.

March 2021: digging the base of the new tower.

March 2021 – The plinth is ready, we wait for the consolidation and for the end of another lock-down period to move on.

March 2021 – The tower is ready to be positioned and to support the 3 meter diameter dish antenna, complete of the moon tracking system

The 3 meter diameter dish is being assembled

23 cm power amplifier
Dummy load

testing the AZ – EL rotator

September 2021 – Measure of the antenna radiation pattern and measure of the received sun noise at 1296 MHz

September 2021: First signals received and decoded at the radio station IQ2DB!

Septemper 2021: the first two EME signals received from UA9FAD in Siberia and ES3RF in Estonia
The external box containing the power amplifier (1kW), power suppliers, controls and the output RF circulator
The TX amplifier box mounted on the back of the antenna to create counterbalance and to minimize the cable length
The antenna is now complete, the transmission amplifier is mounted on the back of the antenna. In the focus of the dish the Septum Feed with the LNA directly connected and the 7/8″ TX cable. The box on the lower end of the tower is the dummy load.

Strong own echo received at IQ2DB

VK2JDS, first QSO with Australia

Main antenna lobe and Sun Noise measured with Total Power application by I0NAA