The team is active with ARI Como callsign IQ2DB on 1296 EME – digital, CW and SSB

An initiative of the ARI Como dedicated to the memory of Emilio and Mario Baserga, I2SXZ and I2MBC, ham radio and technology innovators.

By taking over their legacy in the spirit of innovation that characterizes ham radio enthusiasts an innovative project has been laid down. Using the moon as a reflector for world wide communications with advanced techniniques remains the corner stone. The aim is to revamp the interest of old and new radio amateurs with exciting challenges. 

Planetary communications pervasiveness with internet and cellular telephony has largerly reduced the interest and the appeal of radio systems for  young people and to the public in general. Thanks to innovative remote control technologies of very sophisticated radio equipment, radio amateurs from Como will resume dissemination initiatives in schools and at events open to the general public with the aim of growing the interest and attracting new generations of enthusiasts.

1978 – I2MBC is one of the first Italian EME station on 144 MHz
November 2012: The first Italian Moonbounce contact with the Japanese station of JA6AHB
2010 – Mario I2MBC (SK) and Emilio I2SXZ (SK) working at the 4.5 meter dish for 1296 MHz, now dismissed
Nov 2021: the new antenna pointing to the Moon
June 2023: WAS 1296MHz #25

The project of the new EME station, born within ARI Como, collects the legacy of Emilio and Mario in the spirit of continuity and innovation on ham radio. Five founding members give substance to this initiative thanks also to the contribution in terms of ideas and funds from friends, colleagues and supporters. In the forefront the families of Emilio and Mario Baserga.

Our Sponsors

The family of Emilio Baserga
The family of Mario Baserga
Guido Parolo, I2GUJ
Tony Fumagalli, I2FUM
Maurizio Cairoli, IK2WYI


2018 – the idea to give continuity to the project of Emilio and Mario is born

2019 – the equipment at I2MBC station is disassembled

2020 – The project starts, fund rising

2021 – Jan/Aug: antenna assembly and station set up

2021 – Sept: the setup is almost completely done, full TX power and first signals bounced back from the Moon received! This is wonderful.

2021 Oct: IQ2DB is on air with a very good signal received all over the world!

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